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6 October 2009 - My decision

Hello everybody,

I decided a few days ago to go two weeks abroad in January/February 2010 to improve my language skills. I feel that I have to do a lot more to pass CAE exam in March 2010.

I don't  know  where exactly to go yet, but there are two possibilities: The first one is Toronto in Canada, because I really love hockey and I am a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I would like to watch a NHL match during my language-stay there. The other possibility is London. It's a such cool city, I just love it!! And London is not so far away from Switzerland, so I could easily phone to everybody at home.

London would be a little bit cheaper, but Toronto would be...a little bit cooler! (And this is really true. It's absolutely COLD in january/February in Toronto, but I guess, that I will be most of time studying English in my English classes. I want to chose an intensive course (30 hours a week), so I won't have much freetime so do sightseeing.)

Yeah...we'll see...London or Toronto? Toronto oder London...? :-)

Big huge,

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